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DA targets province’s youth

The DA Youth visits Mpumalanga to target young people who are newly eligible to register and vote in the next election.

Mr Collin Mubi, Mr Yusuf Cassim, Ms Mbali Ntuli and Mr Muso Kubheka, provincial leader of DASO.

Mr Collin Mubi, Mr Yusuf Cassim, Ms Mbali Ntuli and Mr Muso Kubheka, provincial leader of DASO.

NELSPRUIT – The DA Youth (DAY) started canvassing in Mpumalanga last week. The organisation visited the province as part of a nationwide road trip aimed at educating young people on the importance of registration to vote, as well as voting.

The organisation’s national leaders visited the Lowveld Agricultural College on Thursday. The 16:00 slot didn’t draw many students on the campus where the DA Student Organisation (DASO) holds the presidency in the student representative council (SRC). Mr Collin Mubi, chairman of DASO at the college, introduced the guest speakers to the small audience.

First up was Ms Mbali Ntuli, national leader of DAY. She explained that the party was using the trip to target students as they were at a newly eligible voting age. “We found that many people have a dismal education when it comes to voting processes. Many don’t know they have to register to vote and don’t understand the difference between various tiers of government,” she told Lowvelder.

Ntuli urged the students to get the entire campus to register to vote and then canvass to make sure everyone votes for the DA. She also said it was crucial for the DA to be relevant to young people and address their concerns.

Mr Yusuf Cassim, chairman of DAY, said the organisation should fight for issues relevant to students at the college. These included better access to tertiary education, making National Student Financial Aid Scheme loans available to them, and getting SRC representation on the college’s council and senate.

“The government’s job is to make life easier for young people, not to put more obstacles in their way,” Cassim said. Ntuli warned that the party’s supporters could expect a hard time during next year’s national and provincial elections.

“I want you to understand that there is going to be a lot of intimidation in the coming election and I want you to be ready for it,” she said.


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