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IN QUOTES | John Steenhuisen, DA changes & new leadership: Mbali Ntuli speaks

DA leader hopeful Mbali Ntuli says the DA can either change its ways or continue with the same “play book” by not implementing major changes that would see it win more voters.

Addressing a press conference on Monday morning that was broadcast on Facebook Live, Ntuli spoke about the party’s online elective congress, the current DA leadership and the ANC.

Here are quotes from the briefing.

DA must shape up

“Our party has a choice. We can continue with the same playbook and change some tactics or, under my leadership, we can really reimagine how we try to engage with our voters and gain their trust.”

Virtual congress

“I’m very pleased the federal council agreed with many of my calls that to hold an elective conference for one day to elect a leader would have been a farce of an election. I’m very pleased my colleagues on the federal council agreed with me by passing that we have a fully deliberate conference that would have constitutional amendments and resolutions.”

Online voting system is flawed

“I have written to [the federal council] and have detailed my concerns, requesting assurance that the outstanding technical issues will be dealt with, and that outcomes will be fully audited by an independent third party. I met with many IT representatives who confirmed there are some serious flaws with the voting system’s architecture.”

Debate with Steenhuisen

“I think it’s important for people to know what the contrast is between John Steenhuisen and myself as candidates for the top job in this party. I think it’s also fair to say anybody who seeks to be the leader of the opposition has a credible position as someone who can be viewed as a perspective president of our country. It is therefore certainly within the public interest to conduct a series of public debates. At least four that are televised.”

Public must decide

“I cannot think of a valid reason John or the party would oppose an open, televised debate of national interest on a public platform. I think it’s important because there are many notable differences between myself and Steenhuisen. Even our manifestos are very different.”

I’m the leader SA needs

“I believe I bring bold, transformative and visionary leadership at a time when the party and the country desperately needs it. I want to show that my party can make SA the kind of country we all want.”


SOURCE: DispatchLive