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“Let’s save the DA , so we can save SA“

Meet Mbali Ntuli

I was born in KZN in 1988 and grew up in La Lucia. My mother was a teacher and my father founded the Kwa-Zulu Natal Taxi Association. At eight years old, my father died and my family was thrown into turmoil with my mother, brother and I constantly the objects of assassination attempts.

Out of fear my mother sent us to boarding school and our lives were upended. This was my first experience with injustice and the helplessness that comes with it. I vowed to never feel like that again and it’s why I understand so well what it feels like for people who have been oppressed by the system and don’t know how to always help themselves. 

In University I had planned to just complete my studies and go off to work however I was aware of so many students that were not coping, couldn’t access funding and were generally lost. This led me to start the DA’s first DASO branch as a way of helping students but also having a vehicle to use to get the administration to listen to students more. This would prove to be one of the most effective student organizations on campus and the only one the DA had at a university level at the time. After graduating, I returned to KZN to, firstly, grow the legacy and business in the taxi industry and secondly start carving my own path in business.

In 2018 I decided to step down from my position as MPL and help the party provincially to grow.  I took up a staff position for the DA in KZN, as the party’s Provincial Campaign Director (PCD). My task was to help grow the DA’s support in KwaZulu-Natal in the 2019 elections, one of the toughest the DA had to face.

Whilst the DA did not perform as well in the other 8 provinces, the party grew its support from 12.76% to 13.9% in KZN during my tenure, and subsequently, increased the number of seats held by the DA in the KZN Legislature from 10 to 11. It was the only province in which the party grew its support. In the 2019 elections. 

I appeared second on the provincial list for the Democratic Alliance in KZN and took office as the DA’s Spokesperson on Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA). During my service I have traversed all levels within the party and served as a public representative in the different levels of government.