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New move for DA’s Ntuli

Opposition aims to grow among KZN’s rural youth.

WITH the ANC rocked by divisions, the DA in KwaZulu-Natal has been quietly working on a strategy that could see its support swell in next year’s national general elections.
As part of the strategy, the DA in the province has resolved to pull its former youth wing leader, Mbali Ntuli, from the KwaZulu-Natal Legislature where she has been serving as an

DA KwaZulu-Natal provincial leader Zwakele Mncwango confirmed that Ntuli has resigned as an MPL to become head of the party’s campaign and strategy wing.
“It is a strategic position that requires someone with key capabilities such as a deep understanding of the party’s internal dynamics, KZN provincial politics in general as well as the
youth market. Mbali has experience in all these areas and as such we felt that it would be proper to allow her to occupy the position,” he said
The DA has over the years been making inroads in the province’s rural areas, increasing the social opposition’s councillors in rural municipalities such as Endumeni and eDumbe.
Mncwango said while the DA’s campaign to make inroads in rural and township areas in recent elections had paid some dividends, the party also drew critical lessons from the venture.
“We found that some of our leaders deployed to campaign in rural areas had grown up in urban areas, making it difficult for them to connect with the rural population.
“Mbali, who registered major successes while working in the uMkhanyakude constituency, has a deep understanding of rural communities.

“As head of campaigns and strategy, she would ensure that the DA crafted messages that resonate with the majority of voters in the province, particularly those residing in townships and
rural areas,” Mncwango said. The party’s goal, Mncwango said, was to reduce the support of the ANC to below 50% in next year’s national general elections.
“In the 2016 local government elections we managed to cut the ANC’s support in several rural municipalities where we assisted the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) to govern some of the municipalities which were previously controlled by the ANC,” he said Ntuli, who hails from Durban, was elected to the KwaZulu-Natal Legislature following the 2014 elections where the DA overtook the IFP to become the province’s social opposition.

A Rhodes University graduate, Ntuli is also known for her running battles with former DA national leader and Western Cape premier, Helen Zille. Last year the DA national leadership charged her for liking a Facebook post calling Zille a racist. Party bosses later withdraw the charges.