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Stop the NYDA skhothanes – Mbali Ntuli

We have come here today to say one thing:  The government must stop allowing the National Youth Development Agency to be skhothane’s with the youth’s money!

A skhothane is someone who is wasteful. A skhothane wastes money. They waste when they know they can’t afford to waste at all.

NYDA is squandering money while the youth of this country is in desperate need.

NYDA was created more than 4 years ago. Millions have gone to parties, to travel, to luxury accommodation, to massive salaries, to undeserved bonuses. And almost nothing has been done for the youth.

They said the National Youth Development Agency would “usher in a new era in youth development.” But all they have ushered in is their own enrichment. Almost everyone at the NYDA is an ANCYL or Young Communist League cadres.

NYDA are a bunch of ANCYL skothanes.

The NYDA CEO is earning R1.8 million per year. Almost as much as the deputy president. For what!?

The NYDA board of directors collectively earn R 11 million every year. For what!?
NYDA spent R28 million on travel and accommodation in the last year – having nice times while young people go to bed hungry at night. That R28 million was part of a larger R133 million in irregular expenditure. They can’t even account for it!

NYDA has been skhoting so hard for the longest time.

In 2010, NYDA spent hundreds of millions on the World Festival of Youth. They took money from the Provincial Governments. They took money from the Lotto that was meant for charity. They took that money and threw a massive party for the ANCYL and their friends. Show me which youth were developed from that festival!

The NYDA has failed us, the youth of South Africa.
Government reports show that NYDA misses 95,5% of their targets. Funny how they never fail to pay themselves those millions rands in bonuses. Just last week they gave themselves salary increases of 18%.

All you need to do is look to the leadership to see the direction in which this agency is going. Yershen Pillay has been investigated for paying Julius Malema’s rent on his NYDA credit card, booking himself into hotels with his NYDA credit card, spending R200 000 on his NYDA credit card and running a  R23 000 cellphone bill on NYDA’s account.

This guy is skhoting so hard with money intended for the youth of our country.

We do not want NYDA. We are sick and tired of the ANC using NYDA as a front. They pretend to care about the youth. Throwing money at NYDA skhothanes, is doing nothing to solve the crises we are in.

We want more jobs for young people!

We want real development!

We want more bursaries!

We want more skills development!

We want better schools!

We want better lives!

We don’t want NYDA skhothanes!

Today our message is load and clear: Stop allowing NYDA to be skhothanes. They are burning the money that should be used to help young people get a better life.

You can put out the fire. You can stop your money going up in smoke. How?

By voting DA next year! Vote for change. Vote to stop these skhothanes! Vote for more jobs! Vote for more bursaries! Vote for better schools! Vote for a better life!

We would scrap the NYDA and introduce real policies to help young people. Like the Youth Wage Subsidy that will employ hundreds and thousands of young people.

Vote DA with me next year and give the youth of this country a real chance.

Issued by the DA, October 1 2013

Article by :–mbali-ntuli